The Northern New Jersey Youth Wrestling League, NNJYWL, is a brand new league that was built from merging the New Jersey Youth Wrestling League and the Passaic County Youth Wrestling League. The merger aims to benefit the development of competitive wrestling in New Jersey with a unified wrestling experience and top-notch matches for those involved. This web site was created to host various updates to the league, merger discussions, proposals, and answer any questions that current members have.

The League

NNJYWL is a league that offers:

  • Various levels of competition for all wrestlers and teams
    • Clinic
    • JV
    • Two levels of Varsity competition
  • Second-to-None end of season tournament schedule
    • Region Champions
    • Tournament of Champions

The league isĀ organized into two divisions, a Gold and Silver. The Gold division has a grade school structure, while the Silver division is targetsĀ rebuilding teams or small programs. The Silver may also have Varsity competition, but as a 2nd line-up for stronger programs.

The NNJYWL will help promote the strength of wrestling throughout the state.